The Bees Have Arrived!


The bees have arrived! Berry Patch Bed and Breakfast welcomed 80,000 new permanent residents this past weekend with the arrival of the honeybees for the new apiary.  As the hives were set in place by beekeeper Sean (Sam) Mountz, the new arrivals began to buzz the immediate area of their new home.


Partners in the venture (Bunny Yinger, Sam Mountz, and Leslie Wilson) expect the first batch of honey to come off the combs sometime this August. All of us here are the Berry Patch are excited about the new apiary. 


We expect many of our guests will be curious about the hives, which are readily viewed from the drive and the hillside. 


Check back here for regular updates on our new residents as they settled in and get to work producing delicious honey and other products for your pleasure! 






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